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Flood Warning 112WAFRYP

River Parrett, River Yeo, River Cary, River Sowy, Kings Sedgemoor Drain

Warning added: 11:53, 20th February 2020

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There remains a risk of flooding to low lying land, footpaths and roads in the area, including at the south end of Westover Trading Estate at Langport. The drain level at Westover pumping station is still high but stable. We are pumping at Westover and all other Parrett moors stations. Pumping to drain the moors will continue for as long as the river capacity allows. There is more rain forecast today, Thursday 20/02/20, and over the weekend, so please stay aware of flood warning updates in the coming days as catchments remain saturated and rivers are very responsive to further rain.
We are operating Monks Leaze Clyce to reduce levels in the River Parrett and direct water to the estuary through the King’s Sedgemoor Drain. Please stay aware of flood alert updates in the coming days. This message will be updated on Friday 21/02/2020 or earlier if the situation changes.

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