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The TideTimes.org.uk website (hereafter: "the site") may hold some information about you and generate further information based on how you use the site. This data is used in various ways to improve the service and meet our licensing obligations.

Members can view all of the personally identifiable information we hold on them by visiting the GDPR tab under 'My Account'.

Last updated: 5th June 2018.

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Website Referral:
If you arrive at a tide prediction page on the site as a result of a Google search, your visit counts towards the 'Popular Locations' list in the main menu. No identifying information is generated by this process.

We use Google Analytics to review and manage aggregated visitor information. Google have their own privacy policy for this.

Ad Blockers:
If the site detects that you are running ad-blocking software we will record your IP address and the date, and increment a counter in order to limit the number of pages you can view on the site on that day. The list is automatically cleared at midnight.

If you choose to register as a member, we will ask for your given name, family name and email address and store that information. We will generate a password for you and store a one-way hash of that password. We also create a 'subscription end date' which initially contains '0000-00-00'. As a consequence of registering you are assigned a unique numerical ID. This ID is used to link other items of data to your account.

Members who mark a tidal prediction location as a 'favourite' will create a record in the database linking that location to their account.

If you choose to start a website subscription we will record the gross amount paid and the date of the payment and update your 'subscription end date' accordingly. We use this record of payments for accounting purposes. We also use the date to send you a single automatic reminder via email a week before your subscription ends. Subscriptions are not renewed automatically.

Subscription Browing:
Subscribers who browse tidal predictions beyond the free 7-day limit will have those page views recorded. We record the month and the number of views within that month. We do not record which page you have visited. Twice a year we use this information to calculate a total number of page views in order to meet our licensing obligations with UKHO. 

Mailing Lists:
The site does not maintain any distinct list of email addresses for commercial activity, however we may use the email address on your account to contact you with important information regarding the site.

Cookie Usage:
We have expanded the Cookie section into its own page. Click here to read it.

Ads and Cookies
Advertisements shown on the site are supplied by Google. Although these ads don’t use cookies for ad personalisation, they do use cookies to allow for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting and to combat fraud and abuse.

EU Cookie Law Compliance:
This site complies with the EU Cookie Law by following the 'Implied Consent' approach as outlined by the Information Commissioner's Office. A warning bar should appear at each top of the page during each browser session until dismissed.

GDPR Subject Access Request
Registered Members can view a free Subject Access Request showing all of the data we hold on them by visiting the GDPR tab under 'My Account'. There is no need to pay for a printed copy.

Information Sharing:
The site and its owners do not sell or distribute any of your personally identifiable information to any third party unless compelled to do so by a court order.

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