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At the suggestion of some of our users, we've added the option to support the website through direct financial contributions in the form of yearly subscriptions.  We're offering registered members the choice of paying £6.00 per year. We reached this figure by giving early adopters the option of paying one of three prices, then looking at the average.

So, why should you subscribe?

30 day tide times

90-day Tide Predictions

From January 2019, subscribers get to look even farther ahead with our 3-month (90-day) tide predictions and the number of monthly views beyong the free 7-day period has been increased from 3000 to 6000. You can check your remaining views at any time in the member account area.

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Subscribers no longer have Google Analytics code by default, meaning faster downloads and better privacy. Both ads and tracking can be re-enabled via the new Options tab in the account area.

Remove Adverts

remove ads The first subscriber-only feature was the complete removal of on-site advertising. This is done at the server level so your browser will not download any ad code or even the boxes that the ads sit in, saving bandwidth and reducing the number of cookies on your computer.

Initially we discovered that over a thousand people a day were using some kind of content filtering software. We were able to bring that number down, but have decided that now's the time to look at alternatives.

7-Day Weather Forecast

Another subscriber-only feature that complements the tide times is the weather forecast.

This has proven quite reliable over the past year and we are pleased to continue providing it as part of your subscriber deal.

weather forecast

The forecast is supplied by a third party and gives us a seven day forecast covering a number of variables. It is ideal for using alongside the tide times.

OK, what do I need to do?

These extras are only visible while you are logged in to the website and have an active subscription. To subscribe, join for free or log in to your account and click on the new 'Subscription' tab.

What next?

We hope to add more features for subscribers in the coming months. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

All the best,




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