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Flood Warning 065FAG006


Warning added: 12:38, 19th February 2020

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The groundwater level in Hursley is very high and rising. Last week from Thursday (13/02/2020) to Monday (17/02/2020), 80mm of rain was recorded at Otterbourne. This is more than February’s monthly average rainfall. Currently, we expect cellar flooding to affect a large number of properties in the High Street and there will be impacts to the sewerage network. Over the next 5 days, relatively small amounts of rain are forecast (15-20mm). Groundwater levels will rise for at least the next 10 days. We continue to monitor the forecast. Please ensure that any pumps used to protect property can operate. Please remain prepared for groundwater flood impacts over the next few weeks. This Flood Alert will be updated by Tuesday 25/02/2020.

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